Third International Conference Therapeutic Applications of Nitric Oxide in Cancer and Related-Inflammatory Disorders

4-5 September 2023, Udine, Italy

Dear Participants and Guests,

     On behalf of the International Society on Nitric Oxide and Cancer (ISNOC), it gives us great pleasure to invite you to participate in the upcoming Third International Conference on "Therapeutic Applications of Nitric Oxide in Cancer and Inflammatory Diseases", which will be held in Udine, Italy, on September 4-5, 2023
     The main objective and focus of this conference will highlight the most recent advances in the therapeutic applications of nitric oxide-based drugs, nitric oxide-generating systems, nitric oxide nanosystems, and nitric oxide derivatives in various human cancers and inflammatory diseases
     Emphasis will be placed on the underlying biochemical and molecular mechanisms of action, preclinical model systems, and human clinical studies. In addition, the current state of the art in the development and design of new nitric oxide-derived drugs will be presented.
     The conference will also feature special teaching sessions for young and new investigators interested in exploring and advancing nitric oxide research and translational applications.
     World-renowned scientists involved in these above research areas have been invited and expected to present state of the art advances and milestones. These provide an excellent opportunity for established researchers and young investigators to network, exchange ideas, and discuss their cutting-edge research findings in a friendly and collegial atmosphere.  

     We are confident that the scientific program will inspire many to attend and participate in this forum and benefit from the spectrum of presentations and open discussions.  We also encourage the participation of young scientists and clinicians from all continents.
     We look forward to welcoming you to Udine at this highly focused and unique International Conference of both research and clinical relevance.


          Valentina Rapozzi           Luigi Xodo                          Benjamin Bonavida

                        Department of Medicine                          UCLA, Los Angeles, USA

                 University of Udine, Udine, Italy

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