ERASMUS + BICEPS Building Financial Capability for Healthcare Professionals


Project titleBuilding Financial Capability for Healthcare Professionals – BICEPS

Funding programErasmus + KA203 - Strategic Partnerships for higher education

Scientific responsible: prof.ssa Alvisa Palese

Role of the Department: partner

Project description:

The AIM of the Building Financial Capability for Healthcare Professionals (BICEPS) project is to enhance the key competencies of teachers and students of healthcare professions in health & financial literacy to facilitate knowledge transfer in the health-care sector.

The actual changes in economic & health care conditions shifted greater financial responsibilities for healthcare costs to patients. As a result, it is important to understand the potential impact of financial literacy on patients' health behaviour.

Healthcare professionals are the main sources of information for the patients and their relatives in decision making related to health promotion and disease prevention. Enhancing the competence of healthcare professionals in health & financial literacy should influence the patients' population ability to use the appropriate preventative measures based on an appropriate level of health & financial literacy.


In the project involve students in healthcare professions as they will be the new generation of people working in the healthcare sector which is expanding every year. To facilitate the dissemination process and the exploitation of the project outcomes the project includes teachers and trainers in healthcare professions as a target group as well.


The project aims to enhance the health & financial literacy competencies of the target groups. In order to educate them new curricula and e-learning will be created and complemented by the study report. The competencies will be developed during the training/teaching activities and obtained knowledge and implications will be disseminated during the multiplier events.


The project expects target groups to acquire and develop the key competencies necessary to make informed financial decisions in order to improve their well-being, and consequently improve the health & financial literacy of professionals, patients & population in the healthcare sector.

The expected results consist of

(i) the implementation of the health & financial literacy training among target groups,

(ii) promotion of financial literacy competencies for “change in practice” among the target groups;

(iii) dissemination of project results and the implementation of the sound financial decision-making of target groups.

Coordinator: Masarykova univerzita - Chech Republic


Project start date - Project end date: 

01.09.2020 31.08.2022

Budget DAME: 73.861,00€



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