Resetting the epigenetic addiction in leiomyosarcomas: a therapeutic perspective


Titolo progetto: Resetting the epigenetic addiction in leiomyosarcomas: a therapeutic perspective

Programma di finanziamento: Sarcoma Foundation of America

Responsabile scientifico: prof. Claudio Brancolini

Ruolo del DAME: proponente unico

Descrizione generale:

Epigenetic represents the instrument through which genes are switched on or off. During cancer development epigenetic re-programming is fundamental to sustain a robust cellular growth. Resetting epigenetics alterations through an epigenetic therapy represents a promising opportunity in cancer. The support obtained from the Sarcoma Foundation of America has been fundamental to reach three major achievements in the context of leiomyosarcomas.
1: we have established that the family of epigenetic regulators known as class IIa HDACs are promising targets for an anticancer therapy in leiomyosarcomas.
2: we have developed a new approach to increase the selectivity of anti-leiomyosarcomas drugs treatments.
3. we have isolated new small compounds that can be tested as epigenetic re-programmers in order to develop new anti-tumor drugs.

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Date inizio e fine progetto: 02.01.2019 – 31.05.2020

Budget totale del progetto: 42.000,00€

Contatti: Claudio Brancolini